Cozy the comfort zone

Home is cosy, setting on the bed wrapped in the blanket in the winter having coffee watching your favourite tv show in my case BBT well it is my favourite comedy show next to Friends. What else is cosy? well, sleeping tops the chart in cosiness.

Comfort zone is a beautiful place
    but nothing ever grows there”

So one winter evening I was sitting on the bed wrapped in the blanket feeling comfortable and suddenly a thought ran through my mind and suddenly it made me uncomfortable like someone threw cold water in the morning while I was sleeping and I started thinking about my life where would it go what I am going to do and I think most of the youngsters feel such kind of insecurities in their life. I am about to be graduated in engineering and I don’t even have a job.Just look at the irony here all of my friends already have a job offers even one of my friend has two job offers but they are not going to join it, some are going for master’s some would get another job with better package and me on the other hand who don’t want to go for masters whose only motto is to get the job, started working in the corporate world as a software engineer, doesn’t even have a single job offer. With this, all of my dreams about my carrier about my future started vanishing it seems that dreams are not going to come true and with this that cosiness that comfort of blanket in that winter evening started biting.

Then I reach out to this conclusion that if I started to like this cosiness, this comfort this is for sure that I will never get my goals. So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and started working, but it is easy said than done.I have heard this from my seniors, teachers parents that If one wants to achieve something great in one’s life he/she has to get out of comfort zone, I think this time I realized this too.

 Daily Prompt: Cozy


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